Rio de Janeiro Christ 
Christ Redemptor Corcovado's Statue of the ChristCorcovado in Rio de Janeiro is the site of a 30-meter statue of Christ. The statue stands at the top of a 710 meter high mountain, overlooking the city. The statue became a symbol of the city and the affection of the people, who receives visitors with open arms.

The Statue of the Christ started planning construction in 1921, when a campaign was organized by the "Semana do Monumento". They collected contributions from catholics and others. The first designs for the Statue of the Christ represented having a cross, some had the statue with a globe in the hands, others on a pedestal that the world would symbolize. The form of the image of the redemptor of opened arms was chosen. The execution of the workmanship (from French schematics) was done by a Polish sculptor, Paul Landowski.

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