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Rio -- sensuous, chaotic, sophisticated, open and friendly -- is one of South America's gems. The Cidade Maravihosa (Marvelous City), as Brazilians call it, displays a unique blend of contrasts: old and new, tremendous wealth amid crushing poverty, an urban metropolis nestled around mountains and a huge forest. And all of this is symbolically embraced in the outstretched arms of Cristo Redentor, the statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado Mountain.

Elaborate parades impelled by the drums of samba schools transform Rio during carnaval, the four-day holiday that takes place just before Lent, in February or early March. But if the buzz of the city becomes too much -- during carnaval or otherwise -- there's always an easy escape: Spend an afternoon at a seaside cafe, hypnotized by the view, or escape to the lush Tijuca Forest that surrounds the city's mountainous slopes, where you can hike, bike or jump under a waterfall.

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Pão de Açúcar
Festival do Rio
New Year's at Copacabana
GP Brasil de Turfe
Museu da Chácara do Ceu
Casa do Pontal
São Sebastião


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